The challenge
Radegast is named after – and symbolised by –
the Slavic pagan god of fire, sun, harvest and hospitality. Marketed in Moravia, primarily to male drinkers aged 35 plus, Radegast is the biggest and most popular beer brand in the region but research showed that the packaging performed poorly in terms of customer perception.
With improved primary packaging established, Radius was briefed to consider the look of the crates in order to improve visibility at point of sale and strengthen Radegast’s position as a modern, innovative and quality brand. We embellished the branding by adding a ‘sunburst’ effect for greater visual impact and to suggest instant refreshment. We pushed the in-mould labelling process and used a transparent label so that the crate itself provided the green within the graphics, which achieved a more integrated look. The additional use of gold gave a premium feel, and the overall impression was one of quality and character.
The result
Sales figures quickly demonstrated that consumers reacted positively and research showed that previous rejectors of the brand changed their perceptions and once more chose to buy Radegast.

Previous crate

New bottle label

Front profile

Side profile

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