The challenge
Every fourth beer sold in the Czech Republic is Gambrinus. However, despite the brand’s high profile, research indicated that the packaging was weak and not representative of its modern and contemporary image. It was therefore failing to attract its target audience, 18-30-year-old males.
Having refreshed the primary packaging, attention was turned to the appearance of the crates. Often merchandised next to its big brother, Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus needed to compete on a more equal footing and to merit its price point. Radius challenged conventional thinking and let the creative process determine form without compromising function. We transformed what was once a plain and sterile white crate – that failed to communicate any brand values – combining a warm colour palette with a refreshing amber liquid background that immediately appeals to the taste buds. Additional apertures gave the bottles extra visibility and the branding was used to maximum effect. A continuous ribbon device ran across all four sides of the crate and from one crate to another, so creating strong visual impact when merchandised in-store.
The result
Our solution ensured that Gambrinus looked worthy of its reputation as the drink of choice within its category. Following its relaunch, the brand experienced a 20% year on year sales increase.

Previous crate

Front profile

Side profile

Ribbon pattern

Stacked for merchandising

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